Ninja Course

The Ninja Courses are already a big hype in America and now the Ninja Courses are setting foot on European. Let your customers discover their inner ninja and put their skills to the test. Race against each other and let them challenge their strength in our ninja courses.

The Ninja courses are great for adults and teenagers who want to challenge themselves as well physically as mentally. Let your staff help people to improve their skills and offer them a great time. We believe that we can create in our ninja courses a safe environment in which everyone can practice.

The ninja course is a great add-on for your trampoline park and/or playground but can also be placed as a standalone attraction. The Ninja Course is build up for a Truss System which includes different ninja elements that challenge the users in different levels without touching the ground! Because of the wide range of elements we can great fun ninja just for the beginners or ninja courses for advanced trained people and/or free runners. The Ninja Course includes floor pads (or foam pit) to offer a safe fall if needed.

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JumpXL Pattaya

JumpXL expands all over the world. Just a few months ago JumpXL opend a new location in Pattaya Thailand! The trampoline park in Pattaya is a challenging place for young and old. The park offers all the attractions needed to open a successful trampoline park including a jump tower, a ballpit, slackline jump sheets and more! For free runners, the park offers enough challenge and is well worth a visit!

JumpXL is a good partner when you are looking for a partnership in the field of trampoline parks! You can be part of a large family who works together on the strong position of trampoline parks in Europe and beyond.

JumpXL Waalwijk

JumpXL Waalwijk is already the next one on the long list of realized trampoline parks but this park is just a little bit more special than all the ones before because this parks includes our last innovations: balance beams, ninja course, jump walls, trampoline area, jumptower and we’re even waiting for some extra additions. If you want to know what ELI Play can offer you, then a visit to JumpXL Waalwijk is definitely your time worth.

JumpXL Waalwijk includes a ‘fun’ ninja course which offers everyone the possibility to challenge themselves to test their physical strength. This newest innovations is a great add-on to our current offer!