After buying your playground at European Leisure Industries and after your opening day it's important that you will keep your playground clean and tidy. Because your playground will be used intensively your will see wastage and dirty on your playground. To still offer your customers a good service and to make sure your customer will come back on a regular basis you need to make sure that your playground is in a good condition. ELI can support you with this! We offer different maintenance services. 



In some countries ELI offers the possibility for a yearly inspection. During this inspection our employee will check your indoor playground and/or trampolines to see if the structure is still safe. Because playgrounds will be used very intensively it can happen that there will be some damages which can course dangerous situations. During our inspection we’re creating a list with points of improvement and we will prepair a quotation for the servicing and repair works. 

During an inspection we might notice some damages in your playground. You have the possibility to let ELI Play repair any damages. ELI Play can support you with repairing and replacing different parts in your play structure. Next to this ELI Play can support you with repairing netting around your structure. Do you want to know about our possibilities? Please get in contact with us!

Your ball pool is a great place for bacteria to duplicate. This is why we advise you to get your ball cleaned pool on a regular basis. You can choose to buy a ball pool cleaning machine on your own or in some countries you can use our cleaning service. During our ball pool cleaning one of our employees will visit you with a special machine to clean you ball pool. 

You opened the doors of your playground some time ago and you want to create an expansion? ELI Play can support you with this. Together we can look for the best solution for your playground to attract more customers.