You're already working for some time on starting your own playground, kidscorner or trampolinepark and you reached the point that you need to think about designing your playground and space. This is the moment you can involve European Leisure Industries into the process. In this fase we can help you with designing the space and we can give you a proposal for a playstructure, attractions and themes.

To give you an idea about the steps you'll make when you choose for European Leisure Industries as your partner we created a 10-step plan. But not only during the buying process, aswell after the sales process we can support you with our maintance activities.  


You’re looking for the right supplier and by a websearch or word-of-mouth you landed on our website. After getting in contact with us by phone or by using our contact form our employees start the process with you. They will plan an appointment with you to talk about your options, wishes and in some cases we will check the building you have in mind together to see if it is suitable.

During our conversation we will talk about which information we need to create a proposal for you, for example structural drawings of the building, information about your budget and wishes (play structure, kids corner, attractions, themes). After receiving all the information we will start with designing.

After checking all your wishes our design department will start with designing your play structure or trampoline park. To make sure that there are no misunderstandings our designers will start with a 2D layout. In this layout we will show you how big the play structure will be, which attractions you want to have and which play elements. After approval we will start designing your 3D presentation. With this presentation we will show you how your playground or trampoline park will look like in reality.

When the customer gives a final yes on the design we will start to make a proposal. The proposal will be an overview of the materials, prices and installation costs. Next to this we can add, on request, what the costs are for transport of the products and what the price is for certifying your structure.

The approval company will check your playground after installation. Afterwards they will grant you a certificate of safety approval.

When you think we created the right design and if you are OK with our price offer we will create a contract for you. In this contract there will be agreements about the price, design and installation of your structure. After agreement between both parties we will start preparing production and shortly after this we will start with the production of the playground and/or playstructure.
After signing the contract we will start with preparing the production and installation of your playground and/or trampoline park. Our design department will start with creating a technical document called PSP which will be used for producing and installing your structure. In the PSP you’ll see layer by layer your playground so we can be sure we don’t forget anything.

From this document we will create an order and we will check which products need to be produced.

After ordering our warehouse will start collecting your order. Our production facility will be busy with producing different parts of the structure. In the meantime our warehouse will start collecting your order from storage. When the production is finished they will collect everything and prepare the packages for shipping.
When our warehouse collected your whole order they will check the order once again to be sure everything is inlcluded. They check if everything is within the package: the right amount, colors and if everything is according our quality requirements. When the order is packaged for transport a transport company can pick up your order.

At the moment the order is on his way the customer and the installation team will receive all necessary papers. The installation team will check at arrival again if everything what is needed has arrived.

When the first elements arrived at your building the installation team will start building your structure. How fast the installation will go all depends on the meters of steel. Your play structure will be built by experienced, trained specialists. These specialists will make sure your playground is built according to all norms and safety requirements.
In some countries you need an approval of your playground before you can open your doors. Companies like Vincotte-AIB, TÜV or Apave will check (and visit) your playground to make sure the structure is according to the norms. When the approval went succesfull you will receive a certificate of safety. From this moment on you can open your doors.
You finally reached the goal you’ve been working for! After installation and approval you can start to plan your openingsday. The children in the area can finally visit your playground. Children will enjoy their time while they’re playing. We wish you good luck with the opening day!

Do you want support from ELI Play after the opening? We offer services like ball pool cleaning, repair activities etc.