Start your own Trampolinepark?

Are you already familiar with the JumpArena's of European Leisure Industries? The JumpArena is a challenging attraction of connected trampolines how cover at least a space of 400 m2. Trampolining is an activity which can be practice by everyone. Not only the little kids will enjoy this attraction, even teenagers and young adults can move freely and enjoy this attraction.

According to NASA is trampolining 68% more effective then jogging.

Even when you want to build up your condition, trampolining is a great sport to practice. Jumping reduces your stress level: by jumping around more oxygen arises in your blood which make your blood vessels increase and improves your circulation.

Indoor trampoline parks are a fantastic concept from the United States that has grown over the last three years and is now setting foot in Europe. The JumpArena is the perfect trampoline park equipment and you have now the opportunity to buy this fantastic attraction from and partner with the only European trampoline park manufacturer.

Are you looking for a partnership? Please contact our partner SuperJumpXL. SuperJumpXL is a formula centrally led by the Netherlands, where the operation of the SuperJumpXL jump arenas is in the hands of SuperJumpXL partners. The central organization is responsible for the technical research and development of the trampoline concept, recruits international partners, ensures a successful branding of the trademark and safeguards the continuity of the formula. For more information:


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