Better health & social improvements!

Children are spending less time playing outside and spending more of their time in front of the TV, computer or behind their PlayStation or Xbox. The number of children with obesity is still growing and the problem is still rising, all of the world. In the Netherlands one out of seven children is fighting with obesity! At ELI we are working on creating safe, healthy and playful playgrounds that challenge children to play and run.

Indoor Playgrounds offers exercise to children: climbing up through the PowerTower offers arm exercises, running through the play structure gives them a healthy dose of cardiovascular, heart-healthy exercise and play with all the play events exercises the arm, legs and shoulders.

Visiting an indoor playgrounds gives children a chance to move their bodies!

Indoor playgrounds are also offering social benefits: children can be around one another. Children are playing together, learn how to take turns and are exercising their self-control when they are waiting for their turn. Children are learning to work together in a safe environment. They also have the opportunity to do exciting things and overcome their fears: walking over bridges and jump on stepping stones to avoid the crocodile.

Playgrounds are offering a great addition to our changing society! Bringing your kids to one of the playgrounds we produce gives them the opportunity to play along other children, improve their social skills and give them a day with a lot of fun and exercise.


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