Make your ‘Forest Theming’ complete!

Placing a kids corner in your restaurant, shop etc. can be a smart strategy to increase your sales volume. Children can have a lot of fun while their parents can focus on each other. To create a safe environment for the children, the ELI Group is constantly developing new products for toddler and kids corners. Our line with soft play equipment is currently being expanded with the new theming: Forest!

The Forest theming comes with a playhouse, slide and loose play elements like the Beaver Rocker and soft play elements with prints of a deer, snail, hedgehogs and moles.

The products are designed and manufactured in Eindhoven. They are of high quality and specially designed for the younger children. The ELI Group produces the soft play elements of high-quality vinyl to ensure a long-term use and easy maintenance.

All products can be purchased separately, but you can also order a full range of the products including foam tiles. Beside Forest, ELI offer the soft play elements in ocean, farm and jungle theming. For price estimation, please fill out our contact form!


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