Four to Twelve Year

Almost every playground focuses on children between four and twelve years. The target group is active, always looking for adveture and is full of energy. The playground owners choose to place a wide range of activities like play structures, slides, trampolines, volcanos and donut gliders.

ELI Play offers a wide range of activities for this target group, these are not only freestanding events but also attractions which can be integrated into the play structure. For example, the PowerTower, rollerrun and donut glider but also play events like punching balls, turning doors and roller challenge. If you choose a bigger play structure you have a numerous options to add.

You can also choose for a small play structure with some freestanding attractions like climbing volcano, inflatables, PowerTower, rollerrun. A lot of attractions are suitable for integration or can be used as freestanding event. If you have a lot of space, you can choose to place some freestanding attractions on your playground to spread the visitors.

Children between four and twelve years old are always looking for new challenges and this is why ELI Play is always looking for new challenges and activities for children in this age group. 

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