Zero to Four Year

A lot of playground owners have a wide range of attractions in their playground: a big play structure, a climbing volcano and a wide range of slides. The big play structures and activities are often suitable for children from four years and older but the children below four years old, often experience a lack of activities in playgrounds.

ELI likes to think with you to keep your offer for children between zero to four challenging. Safety is the most important for this group, therefore a separate toddler area is a good solutions for this age level. They can play in the area without being knocked down by the older children. To keep everything safe all play elements are made of soft materials.

In the wide range of products ELI Play added activities for the youngest ones but as well for toddlers and preschoolers. The smallest ones up to 1 year can climb around on the special baby gym without hurting themselves. For the little older children up to four years we have a wide range of soft play elements, toddle slides and playhouses which all can be ordered in themes like farm, forest, ocean and jungle.

ELI Play loves to think with you to design the perfect babyzone or toddler area. Do you want to know more?

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