You made the decision to place a kids corner in your shop, restaurant, supermarket, showroom, waiting room, airport or in a public space. But now you have to choose what you want to invest in the kids’ corner: what is your budget and how many space do you have left?

ELI can support you with different products so you can even transform the smallest area into a kids corner. You can place some play wheels on the wall, you can add a free standing play system or your can even place a small play structure like Joepie! in Utrecht and Pannenkoekenbakker Zuidland, The Netherlands.

ELI has a wide range of products including various freestanding or wall-attachable play systems. You can also choose to add a building block area and/or a ball pool area within your kids corner to complete it. ELI Play has a wide range of possibilities, please check our website and feel free to contact us to discuss our options without any obligation. 


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