Make waiting more bearable with a kids corner!

Everyone experiences the waiting in airports differenty. The one sees it as a weekly ritual or the vacation period started and the other one can be stressed out because they are nervous for the flight. As the organization behind the airport you want to make sure that everyone’s time at the airport is as comfortable and nice as possible.

Do you also want to offer the most optimal service to your customer? Placing a kids corner can contributed to this. A kids corner can provide a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. While waiting children can enjoy themselves. A few advantages of a kids corner on an airport are:

  • More sales volume by a smart routing.
  • Pleasant and peaceful atmosphere at the airport.
  • Higher customer satisfaction. 
More information:

If children go on a trip together with their parents or caretakers waiting at the terminal can take some time. Make sure the parents stay relaxed while their children are enjoying themselves. ELI Play can help you finding a custom solution! 

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