Indoor Play Structure

  • Little or big, everything is possible!
  • Add play events as a challenge
  • All structures are according the European norms

A play structure can’t be missed in your playground!

Whatever you need, a small play structure for your restaurant or a big play structure in your indoor playground, ELI Play is the right partner for you. Our tubular structures can be built up to massive structures, but also for a small play area, there is a solution to find. We design and build our play structure completely according to your wishes and within your budget. Each structure is in accordance with the European norms and can be supplied with a certificate. After this they are ready to use.

All play structures can be equipped with different play events. Each play element is a challenge for children on different levels and qualities. You can equip your play structure with events like crocodile swamp, webdecks, punching bags, splat pads, punching balls, roller challenge and turning doors. Our range of play elements is very wide, do you want to know all the possibilities? Feel free to fill in our contactform!

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A play structure with different elements and challenges. The basis of your playground and suitable for children between four and twelve years old. Check now our offer! 

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This product is used in the projects:

Kids Wonderland

Discover Kids Wonderland from our Dutch Partner ELI Play. This impressive indoor playground is designed for children from zero to twelve years old. In the wonderful world of Kids Wonderland children can climb, scramble and enjoy their time. The parents can enjoy their view or join the adventure through the playstructure. 

Kids Wonderland opened her doors in June 2012 and is part of the recreationcentrum Linberg Park. Owner Jaap van de Berg noticed that the interest for his tennis- and bowlingcourses were dropping. He looked for new opportunities and opened an impressive playground of 2200 m2. The mascots Linny and Berry are host and hostess of the playground. 

If you are visiting Kids Wonderling you step into a timemachine and you can wander around for hours in this magical adventurepark. The playground offers a lot of space for the fantasy of the children. Together with ELI Play and a specialized company in theming, Kids Wonderland designed a great playground with a lot of attractions. Check out the video below from one of the visitors of Kids Wonderland:


Speelboerderij Hullie

In September 2013 Hullie Speelboerderij in Uden opened the doors of their new addition of their playground. The new play-hall is an extension on the existing structure on the succesfull indoor and outdoor playground. In October 2002 Anita en Henk opened the doors of Hullie Speelboerderij in Uden. After years of keeping livestock Anita and Henk made the decision to start a playground.

Everyone in Uden and surroundings are familair with the indoor playground and the owners are always looking for new possibilities to keep the playground attractive for everyone. Hullie is located at the nearby nature reserve 'De Bedafse Bergen' en thanks to the enormous amounts of hospitality everyone feels welcome.

The new playground includes a PowerTower, climbing volcano, kindertrampolines, soft ball experience, spiral slide and much more!

Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland

Discover 'Lunapark' from our Dutch Partner VCS, this small playstructure is placed at the 'Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland'. This playstructure is a great example to show that VCS and ELI are also good partners for small playstructures in shops, restaurants or public buildings. 

Eating pancakes at the 'Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland' is always a lot of fun and to make this trip even more fun, VCS placed a small playstructure in Zuidland. In the end of November 2013, Pannekoekenbakker opened the doors of her new addition called 'Lunapark'. Besides the little pancake stall and the outside playground, 'Lunapark' is a nice addition where children can have a lot of fun. The playstructure is small, but a challenge for kids with turning doors, horizontal rollers, snakes en punching bags!

Ballorig Veldhoven

For already more than 16 years Ballorig brings fun and entertainment to children and parents in the Netherlands. Since July 2014 children and their parents can visit Ballorig Veldhoven. Most of the play structure is placed in the back of the hall. The playground exits of a big play structure and different standalone attractions! The rest of the hall is furnished so parents can also enjoy their time.

Ballorig shows again that a big playground can attract hundreds of children each day. This playground offers a wide range of attractions for different age levels: there is a toddler area with soft play elements, slide and playhouses and for the older children there are a lot of challenges in the bigger play structure like a powertower, rollerrun, volcano, ladder challenge, donut glider and much more!


Darteldome Kerkade

Darteldome Kerkrade opened the doors of her new playground in the end of November 2013. This new playground, located in Leisuredome Kerkrade attracted hunderds of kids on their opening day. The playground is equipped with attractions for children between zero and twelve years old. Darteldome Kerkrade is a great place for a family trip.

The playground includes a wide range of activities and children can play, climb in the PowerTower, playstructure or climbing wall. Next to the big play structure there is a special toddler area where the little kids can safely play. Darteldome also opened a new playground in Sittard.


Darteldome Sittard

Also the second location of Darteldome opened her doors in Sittard. At november 30th Darteldome opened her second playground with 1900 m2 of fun. A lot of children visited the new playground and even 'sinterklaas' visited the playground. The playground is a challenge for children till 12 years old. They can climb around, slide down and enjoy their time for many hours.

The playground includes a donutglider, karttrack and a powertower. Ofcourse there are slides, climbing walls, trampolines, a funshooting arena and a funblock area as well 

De Houtzagerij Otterlo

At the campsite of the 'Wije Werelt' in Otterlo, restaurant 'de Houtzagerij' opened her doors. The 'Houtzagerij' is a new, attractive complex in the middle of the forest. The love and respect the company has for nature is shown everywhere, even the indoor playground is themed in 'natural' colours.

Kids can play and enjoy their time by playing, climbing, sliding, running and of course enjoy some little snacks. The playground is located in a unique atmosphere and offers a wide range of 30 different play events. Also for the little ones there is a special toddler corner and the bigger children can enjoy the play structure or building area. Kids can play and parents can enjoy their cup of coffee and watch their kids. 

Bij de Neut

Eight years ago Willem Neutkens en Bart Theuws opened their good running restaurant Express-Zo in Westerhoven. Now eight years later Willem and Bart are getting into a new adventure: a restaurant and indoor playground called 'Bij de Neut'. In 1952 Willem's granddfather Willy Neutkens started a shop in household products together with his wife Corrie Neutkens-van Beers. Now Willem and Bart are renovating the building to transform it into a restaurant and indoor playground together with our Dutch partner VCS.  

Children till twelve years old can enjoy the indoor playground while their parents enjoy their dinner in the restaurant. The playground includes a lot of different attractions, by example a toddler area, slides, powertower and an area with building blocks! Bij de Neu now is a great place to go together with the family. 

BillyBird Volkel

In 1986 Ton & Gerrie Derks opened the doors of BillyBird Hemelrijk. Just married they quit their jobs at the government and as a kindergarten teacher to make their dream come true. They wanted to created a place where everyone can join with the family to make a lot of fun. Now 28 years later BillyBird is known for their wide range of activiteits such as the indoor piratecage!

29th of May 2014 BillyBird Hemelrijk opened the doors of the new piratecage created by VCS Play Netherlands. After years of fun it was time for a new playstructure for different age levels. Now children can enjoy the new playground at BillyBird Hemelrijk 365 days a year.

The playground includes a baby zone, toddler area and a whole new structure with activiteits like the powertower, slides and different play events! Dress up as a pirate to be one with the pirate theme. 

De Oude Maas

In 1998 'De Oude Maas' opened the doors of their pancake restaurant. Now 16 years later they decided to open an indoor playground next to their restaurant. Opening an indoor playground was a dream come true and 'de Oude Maas' hopes that their customers are happy with this 'extra' activity. 

The playground is provided with a play structure and a toddler area where children can play all day long. Children can play in the playground when they are visiting the restaurant but also when you're not visiting the restaurant children can join the playground.

The playstructure offers a wide range of playevents, a powertower, slides, donut glider, trampolines, ball pool and soft play materials. The playground is a big challenge for children from zero to twelve years old.

Marvy\'s Speelwereld Heesch

Marvy's Speelwereld is an indoor playground, for children between 0 to 12 years old. Every child will enjoy their time because our Dutch partner VCS Play designed a playground with a wide range of activities. The playhall is 1000 m2 big and also offers a great space to stay for the parents. Owners Mark en Revy realized their dream after two years. 

The playground includes a toddler area, play structure, rollerrun and inflatables. The toddler area is placed next to the foodcourt. This way parents can keep an eye on their litle ones, so they can play safely. The toddler area is made of soft materials and includes a ball pool, slide and playhouse. 

For children older than four there is a big playstructure with different challenges. Integrated in the system is a multi sport arena, softball experience, building block arena, rollerrun and slide. 

Kiddiez Babberich
Kiddiez has a lot to offer thanks to the great design of our partner VCS Play Netherlands! Kiddiez offers a wide range of activities: even the smallest ones will enjoy their time in the special baby and toddler corners. The youngest children can enjoy their time with turn-play panels, play panels, soft play elements, ball pool and a slide. The youngest one can play safely without getting disturbed by the older children.

When the children are four years old or older they can go into the big play structure with a powertower, building block area and slides. The children will enjoy their time! Not only Dutch children will visit this playground, as well German people will visit Kiddiez because it’s located nearby the German border.

Kiddiez is located in an old school building which is transformed into a challenging indoor playground for every age. By using this fantastic location there is a nice, warm atmosphere with a lot of daylight.

Pannenkoekenhuis Joepie!

Enjoying a great meal in the nice, warm atmosphere of Panecakerestaurant Joepie! At Joepie! children and adults can enjoy a range of 80 different pancakes. Eating at Joepie! is very suitable for families with young children. While the parents are enjoying their meal and their drinks the children can enjoy and spend their time in the indoor playstructure.

The playstructure is suited for restaurants and includes a small ball pool, slide, punching balls, pyramids and web decks. The small structure offers enough challenges for the children.

Weko Möbelhaus

Check out the Weko Möbelhaus in Pfarrkirchen project from our partner ELI Play Germany! The playground is built in the store of WEKO in Pfarrkirchen. Children can have the time of their lives while their parents are shopping for some new furniture. This project shows the advantages of placing a playstructure within your store. The playstructure exists out of slides, crawl tubes, a ball pool, punching balls and so much more!

Children can run, jump and play around in the huge ball pool and enjoy their time at WEKO. Placing a playstructure in your store gives parents the space to do their shopping in a 'relax' way. They're are more relaxed without the children and they don't need to worry about them. A nice solution which is a benefit for you and your customer. 


A state-of-the-art project from our partner ELI Play Germany (Playlife). The customer took some time, but we're happy we could finally finalize this great project! Because of some changes in the meantime at our production facility Playlife had to build their own first drop down slide! The playground has a lot of attractions for children to enjoy their time: slides, trampolines, kart track, rollerrun, PowerTower and so much more!

The playground is part of the partycenter Fun-city Luxembourgh and is around 1000 m2 big! This playground shows that making a family entertainment center can be very succesfull! 




Sunelia L\'Atlantique

Sunelia L'Atlantique is a great example of an indoor play structure at a camping site. Good weather is not always guaranteed but also on rainy days children need to lose their energy. Sunelia L’Atlantique checked with our France partner, VCS France, to look for a solution. To find a solution for different ages levels VCS France advised a bigger playstructure for children from 4 to 12 years old. For the smaller ones VCS France advised a small toddler area so they can play safely without getting knocked down by the older children.

The playground includes a big play structure, power tower, slides and a separate toddler area with soft play elements. Everyone can have a great time.

Family Fun Oswiecim

Following many other countries, Poland also starts to build a lot of Family Entertainment Centers and our partner Playday creates big, fantastic playgrounds together with their customers. In July, Family Fun Park Oswiecim opened the doors of their new playground of almost 500 m2 and almost 7 meters high! This playground shows that also in Poland they are ready to enjoy the fun of a big indoor playground. 

The playground includes a play structure of 4 layers and includes a karttrack, building block area, softball experience, slides, trampolines and so much more! Everyone between the age of 1 and 12 years old can enjoy themselves for hours! A great place to go together with friends and their children. 

Tuincentrum De Biezen

Tuincentrum de Biezen in Beek en Donk is one of the 'greenest' gardening centres in the Netherlands and because of the new playstructure of our Dutch partner VCS Play the centre is just a little bit more green! Discover this new playstructure with Jungle theming. 

The garden centre is, with almost 6500 m2, one of the biggest gardening centres in the Helomnd area and now the gardening centre is even more attractive for families with young children. Going to the gardening centre is now just as fun for the parents as it is for the children! The children can have a great time while their parents are enjoying a coffee between shopping. 

This small playstructure includes a slide, turning door, v-bridge, punching ball, splat pad, roller challenge and is fully jungle-themed. A complete kidscorner which offers children enough activities to challenge themselves. With this kids corner Tuincentrum de Biezen distinguishes itself from its competitiors. Do you want to know what ELI Play can do for you? Please contact us!

Hansa Park

Discover the new playground at HansaPark, Sierksdorf in Germany. In Hansa Park, both young and old can enjoy themselves. The whole family can have fun together because even the adults can stand up straight and can move easily and play together with the children.

The playground is part of the development of the “Hanseatic League in Europe” theme in Hansa Park. The indoor playground is in Venetian theme and is called ‘Fondaco dei Tedeschi’: The story goes that in the old days, German merchants had to present their goods at the German trading house “Fondaco dei Tedeschi’ in Venice before they were allowed to sell them under the strict supervision of the mighty city that once dominated a large part of the Mediterranean.

The indoor playgrounds includes 600 square meters of fun spread over two levels. The attraction includes a lot of play events and a softball shooting arena with 16 cannons and there are two free-fall slides in the structure.


L’ilot Z’enfants Caen
Discover L’îlot Z’enfants, an indoor playground and trampoline park in France! A challenging playground with a nice theming which will be loved by all children. Children can enjoy their time in one of the many attractions that the playground has to offer: buildingblock arena, ball pool, powertower, climbing volcano etc. All ‘classic’ attractions can be found in this playground.

Also our newest product, the JumpArena is added to this playground. Children can enjoy their time and use all their energy on the JumpArena! The diagonal jumpsheets offers the children an opportunity to practice their tricks!

Star Fun

This massive indoor playground just opened in Lille, France. For kids from 0-12 years old there is a big structure with a very big variety of play elements. Kids can climb around the building in this huge connected structure which also includes a volcano,  slides, a donut glider, a building block area, splat pads, trampolines and climbing walls. The big structure also has an integrated funshooting arena and a free standing PowerTower.

Next to the big structure there is a smaller structure with a softplay area where parents can play with their toddlers. This open area is great for the smallest ones and parents can keep an eye on their playing kids.

For the older kids and grown-ups Star Fun also has a SuperJumpXL Jump Arena.

The Star Fun playground guarantees hours and hours of fun and is a great example of how ELI Play products can be combined into a playground for very wide variety of ages. If you want to see more of the playground and how the ELI Play products are used, you can visit the Star Fun website: and make sure to check out the 360 degree viewing option on Google Maps.


A day at the beach, even when it's raining.. At Tobolino anything is possible. ELI Play created an indoor beach with a middle-sized, ocean themed play structure! This addition to the existing playground gives Tobolino another competitive advantage. The structure has multiple challenges: the low-rope adventure course tests their balance and the climbing walls will test their courage. Kids will love the combination of climbing and playing in the sand.

Jupi Park

A new playground has been opened in Łódź, Poland. A structure with a great variety of play elements. The unique structure of only two layers is just 3,6 meters high but a staggering 40 meters long. The 470 m2 which are available are used to house trampolines, slides, a shooting arena, a kart track, a ball pool and the well-known ELI Play PowerTower.

Dispite the limited height, ELI Play managed to get the maximum amount of fun into the structure. Kids will be able to enjoy themselves for hours in this jungle themed adventurous playground. 


ELI Play S.R.O. finished a new playground in Bratislava. KidsHouse has all the attractions you would need to entertain kids for hours and bring joy to the children’s live! During developing the idea of the establishment of the center, KidsHouse was constantly thinking about how to achieve a smile on a kids face.

Slides and a donut glider in the main structure, a 180 degree volcano with a long slide and on the second floor a toddler area with soft play element, building blocks and a ball pit! KidsHouse created a place of 1500 m2 where children can have fun and playful while the develop their imagination and motor skills.

Coppelmans Oss

The brand new gardening center Coppelmans in Oss, the Netherlands recently had a compact playstructure installed by ELI Play. A well-equipped kids area is an ideal solution for the supplier that wants to provide its customers with a perfect shopping experience. While the kids play, their parents can do their shopping in peace.

The small but extensive structure has been placed in a relatively small space. The structure covers only 18m2 and has two levels. This not only means extra challenges for the kids but also that it can be placed under a roof of only 3 meters high.

If you are interested in a similar solution, please contact us! 

Swiss Megapark

Mega Park Swiss is a family entertainment centrum that offers everything from sport facilities till big play areas and trampoline parks! A lot of activities from toddlers, teenagers and adults. Everyone can enjoy their time at Mega Park Swiss!


Suniland Park

Arr Matey, welcome to Suniland Park in Carcas, Venezuela!

Suniland is one of the first big 'indoor' playground in this beautiful country! This fully themed playground made a big trip from the Netherlands to Venezuela but distance is not a problem for ELI Play.

The playground, fully themed with Pirates theming is bring a lot of smiles on children’s faces. It includes a Power Tower, donut glider, slides, toddler area, kart track, funshooter area, trampoline, jumper decks and so much more! 

Turbo Adventure Uppsala

Discover indoor playground and trampoline park, Turbo Adventure in Uppsala! A challenging playground that will appeal to many children. Children will enjoy the many attractions the playground has to offer. Mix movement and having fun on 1700 m2 of trampolines! On the play structure with timer you can challenge each other. Who's the fastest? Try it out at Turbo Adventure in Uppsala! 


\'t Zoetemeer Overmere

While the parents, grandparents or another family or friend is enjoying a delicioous meal or pancake the children can enjoy their time while playing in the indoor playground of 't Zoetemeer! The playgrounds includes ball pools, slides and different play structures. ELI just build up an extra playstructure in the beginning of 2016 which makes visiting Indoor Playground 't Zoetemeer even more fun! 

HFC Amsterdam
One year ago Halal Fried Chicken opened the doors complete with a playground of ELI Play! By placing a play structure, the new location of HFC Amsterdam is more suitable for families with children. By visiting HFC children can have fun while parents enjoy their meal and/or wait for their order! We believe that a visit to HFC is even more fun now!
Tafelen Middelburg
At Tafelen Middelburg you can enjoy an unlimted world cuisine but this often means the children are finished while the parents are still enjoying their diner! Want to give the parents some rest during their diner? And do you want your customers to leave your restaurant with a positive feeling? Adding a play structure it’s a good solution! By adding a play structure in your restaurant you offer the children a challenging activity while parents enjoy their meal.
Randiz Lekland

Visiting Randiz Lekland is fun for the little ones but also for the teenagers. Randiz has a wide offer of play elements like an obstacle course, playgrounds, multi sport arena, toddler area and more. Everyone will enjoy their time while visiting Randiz Lekeland. And are you a dare-devil? Than you can slide down on the dropslide and slide down while using our donut glider!

While the children are playing the partners can enjoy their time at the resting area where they can read the newspaper, work or enjoy a drink and som efood! 

EMTÉ Kootwijkerbroek

EMTÉ is the newest addition to the list of supermarkets with a play structure after the Jumbo and Plus. During the visit at the supermarket EMTÉ Kootwijkerbroek in the Netherlands children can enjoy playing in the play structure while the parents are doing the groceries for the upcoming week.

Since the opening, the customer received a lot of positive reactions and even though the play structure looks small there are enough elements to entertain the children. The children can crawl through the play structure and the little ones can play at the play panels from IKC Play (Instore Kids Corners)