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Creating a peaceful atmosphere for your visitor?

Your customer is really important and customer service is very important within your company. Placing a kids corner in your organization will improve your service. You will create a more relaxed atmosphere in your waiting room.

Also a small kids corner in every conference room can create a more peacefull atmosphere during your meetings with customers or clients. Children will not be of any distraction during your conversation with the customer when they're playing in the kids corner. Both for your clients and your employees there will be a more relaxed atmosphere. Overall, a kids corner provides:

  • More effective meetings per day
  • No ares cluttered with toys
  • A nice, peaceful atmosphere for employees and clients.
  • Customer friendly atmosphere 
More information:

Having a good conversation without the kids bothering you, choose for a ELI Play kids' corner to create a relaxed atmosphere in your organization. Want to know more?

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