Easy shopping? Choose a kids corner!

Bringing a visit to the supermarket is a regular activity and often you see that parents take their children with them. As an owner or entrepreneur you want to make sure that there is a warm, child friendly atmosphere in your shop so the parents can do their groceries while the children are enjoying themselves.

When parents can do their groceries in peace they will have higher spendings then when they are in a hurry. Also customers will come back more often when they know the children can have a good time. Positive experiences will be shared and this leads to word-of-mouth promotion. Your current customer will be the ambassador of your store and will promote your shop amongst family and friends.

Big supermarkets already choose for a kids corner, don’t stay behind! ELI PLay can support you with designing a custom made solution for your shop. Do you already know the advantages of a kids corner?

  • Higher spending per visit.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion by positive experiences.
  • Afforable solution.
  • Revisit opportunities
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How often do you see parents being stressed out while they're doing their groceries when they are trying to focus as well on the kids. With our kids corner this belongs to the past! Want to know more?

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EMTÉ Kootwijkerbroek

EMTÉ is the newest addition to the list of supermarkets with a play structure after the Jumbo and Plus. During the visit at the supermarket EMTÉ Kootwijkerbroek in the Netherlands children can enjoy playing in the play structure while the parents are doing the groceries for the upcoming week.

Since the opening, the customer received a lot of positive reactions and even though the play structure looks small there are enough elements to entertain the children. The children can crawl through the play structure and the little ones can play at the play panels from IKC Play (Instore Kids Corners)