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Favorite trip of kids: play and eat!

The fast-food industry is a sector with a lot of competition. Not only a lot of big names, but also the successful local restaurants in your neighborhood can take a competitive role. As an entrepreneur in this sector, not only your name and quality of your products are important, also the child friendly, warm atmosphere will help to let your customer decide to revisit.

Going to eat at a fast food restaurants is often a family occasion and is seen as a place to go together with the kids. Placing a kids corner will help you to raise your sales volume and your position in comparison to your competitors will be stronger.

Placing a kids corner or a small play structure is not an innovative proposal, all fast food restaurants are investing in one. Children have a big influence on the decision of where the family will go out. Parents think it’s important that there is a friendly, good atmosphere in a restaurant and children will tell them clearly where they want to go. When children can have a lot of fun at your restaurant they are mnore likely to choose you. Make the kids your ambassador!

ELI Play can support you with designing a custom made kids corner, because every space is different. Discover the benefits of a kids corner here:

  • Chance on a revisit because of the opinion of the children.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Relaxed atmosphere, better work environment for your employees.
  • Afforable solution
  • Increasing sales volume
More information:

Generating 15% more sales volume with a kids corner in your snack bar or fast food restaurant? Discover ELI Play kids corners and see your sales volume rise!

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