• Color or themed backwalls possible!
  • Custom-made
  • Safety guanteed

Do you also want the smaller children to enjoy a climb on the climbing wall? For them ELI designed special soft climbing walls. The climbing walls are made of panels of 1,22 x 1,44 meter. A standard climbing wall exist of 4 to 8 panels. You can choose to place the climbing wall integrated in a play structure or as a stand alone attraction.

ELI offers climbing walls in standard colors or different themes. Custom theming is possible! All the climbing walls have soft mats underneath it to ensure safety. 

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Do you also want to offer children a climbing challenge? Choose for the climbing walls of ELI! For more information, please contact us!

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This product is used in the projects:

Star Fun

This massive indoor playground just opened in Lille, France. For kids from 0-12 years old there is a big structure with a very big variety of play elements. Kids can climb around the building in this huge connected structure which also includes a volcano,  slides, a donut glider, a building block area, splat pads, trampolines and climbing walls. The big structure also has an integrated funshooting arena and a free standing PowerTower.

Next to the big structure there is a smaller structure with a softplay area where parents can play with their toddlers. This open area is great for the smallest ones and parents can keep an eye on their playing kids.

For the older kids and grown-ups Star Fun also has a SuperJumpXL Jump Arena.

The Star Fun playground guarantees hours and hours of fun and is a great example of how ELI Play products can be combined into a playground for very wide variety of ages. If you want to see more of the playground and how the ELI Play products are used, you can visit the Star Fun website: www.star-fun.fr and make sure to check out the 360 degree viewing option on Google Maps.


Discover indoor playground and trampoline park Toboga Playground in Prague! A challenging playground with a nice theming that will appeal to many children. Children will enjoy the many attractions the playground has to offer: corner blocks, ballpool, power tower, climbing volcano and multisport.

They also added trampolines at Toboga Playground. Children can spend all their energy on the Jump Arena! The trampoline will challenge children in different ways to show their skills.