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Increase the amount of closed deals in your showroom?

As an entrepreneur in the auto business you know that a good relationship between you and your customer is really important. A visit to one of your competitors is done in a few minutes and before you know the customer chooses to buy their car somewhere else. Buying a car is a long process and of course you want to your customer to choose one of your cars.

Buying a car is often an important and exciting process wich often includes the whole family. Most of the time families have time to visit showrooms during the weekend and these are the moments when also the children are at not at school/daycare. In this case its nice when your employees can close the deal without getting disturbed by one of the children. 

By placing a kids corner you'll create a nice, relaxed atmosphere where your customer and their children feel at ease. The customer will be more relaxed and will take the time to talk with you and ask his questions. This is for you the moment to deliver the right information. Together with the right atmosphere the chance on closing the deal will be higher. Even people without children will experience a more peacefull atmosphere. 

Eli Play can support you with finding the right solutions for your showroom. The big advantages of a kids corner are:

  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Higher success rate
  • Time to build up a good relationship between you and the customer.
  • Higher sales volume. 
More information:

Do you want to increase your success rate, choose the kids corners of ELI Play. Parents can relax during your sales conversation and the children will have fun in the meantime with our products.

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