What is the profit of an indoor playground?

Are you thinking about opening your own indoor playground but do you wonder how profitable an indoor playground is? Unfortunately we can’t give you a simple answer to show you the money you will earn because it all depends on different factors. In this blog we will show you the costs and income of an indoor playground.

Visiting an indoor playground is a typical activity where children love to go in their free time or during a birthday party. This means that on Wednesday afternoon, the weekend and on holidays you can expect the most visitors. Also you will notice that on rainy days you have more traffic, on this days you don’t have to compete against outdoor playgrounds in the neighborhood.

A big advance of an indoor playground compared to other sectors is that a playing kids doesn’t costs money directly. Expect of the redemption of your playground your income is totally gross profit. Of course you need to earn back your investment of your playground in the first years and you will not make profit directly.

You can divide your income in two categories:

  1. Income fee
  2. Catering

Next to the income fee the visitor pays you will also earn money on the visitor when they visit your catering facility. The income of your catering will depend on your menu, atmosphere and the system you choose (self-service or not). But you also need to earn back  your investments like the costs you made to place a kitchen and your monthly payment of your kitchen staff. Next to the profit you will also have costs that will come back each month like the rent or part-payment, loans, staff costs, costs of maintenance, public utilities, insurance, marketing and more.

A concrete answer on how much  you will earn we can’t give. It all depends on the size of your building, the location, our menu, your atmosphere and so one.. Together, this will determine how many visitors will visit your playground. We’re more than willing to help you to design a playground that is profitable.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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