More sales volume with a kids corner!

Our economic situation is getting better and this means we’re willing to spend some of our money outdoors. For owners in the food service industry the moment is reached that they have to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Do you have a restaurant where adults visit together with their children? ELI has now the right solution for you

Placing a kids corner or a small play structure in your restaurant can let your sales volume raise with 15%. By placing a kids corner the owner supplies the children with a place where they can play and enjoy their time. Children can have a great time while their parents are enjoying a peaceful lunch or dinner. The adults will experience a calmness at your restaurant which will distinguish you from your competitor.

In the meantime the children are enjoying their time. Their influence on  choosing a restaurant is big and they will choose your restaurant again if they had a great time before. Not only the food you serve is influencing their decision but the whole experience is important to them.

ELI has a wide range of kids corners. You can choose between some of our playpanels but you can also place a full kids corner. If you budget is even wider, you can choose for play structures like Joepie! In Utrecht and Pannekoekenbakker in Zuidland!

Do you want to know more about our kidscorners? Please contact us and we will support you every step of the way to find the most profitable, unique and best solutions.


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