Touchscreen Playcomputers

  • Playtouch software can be themed according to your own style.
  • Cheap solution, low use of energy!
  • Children can play, parents will be more relaxed.
  • Leave your competitor behind!

Small budget and a small space?

When you have a small place to place your kids corner in, the Playtouch Systems from ELI PLay are a great solution. The systems can be ordered in different sizes and is available as a freestandig product or can mounted against the wall.

All the Playsystems includes different games which children will love. Not only amusement and fun is important in the game, the games are also developed to improve the skills of the children and to challenge them.

In our standard offer we have the following playtouch computers:

Bravo Playtouch EE-01-02-007-00
Oscar Playtouch EE-01-05-009-00
Juliet Playtouch EE-01-02-012-00
Bubble Playtouch EE-01-05-002-00
Victor Playtouch EE-01-02-011-00



More information:

Children love to play games and the touch playcomputers are a great solutions for your kids corner! Placing a playcomputers in your kidscorner will let your sales volume raise. 

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