Kids Furniture

  • Ergonomic kids furniture
  • Children will love the themes and colors.
  • Ideal addition for party rooms.

Ergonomic chairs and tables for the little ones!

Do you want to create a space where children can play? Kids furniture can't be missed in your kids corner. The kids furniture from ELI is comfortable and safe. The chairs and tables are specially designed for small children which makes it suitable for the youngest ones. 

Children will love the chairs and tables because of the use of fresh colors. Besides this the furniture is of high quality and easy to maintain.


Bravo Single Seat TE-01-01-206-00
Bravo Duo Seat TE-01-01-205-00
Fun Chair Blue TE-01-01-194-00
Fun Chair Green TE-01-01-194-00
Fun Chair Red TE-01-01-194-00
Fun Chair Yellow TE-01-01-194-00
Table Green TE-01-01-207-00
Table Pet Collection  TE-01-01-195-00
Bird Chair TE-01-01-196-00
Cat Chair TE-01-01-197-00
Rabbit Chair TE-01-01-198-00
Dog Chair TE-01-01-199-00
Crab Chair TE-01-01-201-00
Octopus Chair TE-01-01-202-00
Sea Turtle Chair TE-01-01-203-00
Sea Astre Chair TE-01-01-204-00
Table Sea Collection  TE-01-01-200-00
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Creating a party room or adding some chairs and tables to your kids corner? Discover ELI Play kids furniture.

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