Discover the benefits of a kids corner in your restaurant!

Each town has more than one restaurant and on a daily basis you will get the feeling that you have to compete with your neighbours. But how do you make sure that you distinguish yourself for them? What makes a customer choose for your restaurant over the others. It sounds conflicting but investing in a kids corner or a small play structure can help you to let your sales volume raise.

As an entrepreneur or owner of a restaurant you know that not only a good meal is important, also the relaxed and cozy atmosphere will help you to increase the chances of a repeat visit to your restaurant. Placing a kids corner is an extra service and gives the parents the chance to eat their meal in a relaxed manner. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, parents will stay longer and in the end this will help you to increase your sales volume.

A good kids corner is custom made and ELI Play can support you with this. We will look together for a suitable design according to your space and wishes. Even the smallest area can be transformed into a kids corner.

Explore the advantages of a kids corner now:

  • Repeat visits by insisting children.
  • Promotion by word-of-mouth
  • Relaxed atmosphere which gives your employees the opportunity to do their job even better.
  • Afforable solutions
  • More sales volume.
More information:

Let your sales volume raise with 15% by adding a kids corner in your restaurant. Discover now how parents will stay longer, while their children can play. Discover it at ELI! More information?

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Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland

Discover 'Lunapark' from our Dutch Partner VCS, this small playstructure is placed at the 'Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland'. This playstructure is a great example to show that VCS and ELI are also good partners for small playstructures in shops, restaurants or public buildings. 

Eating pancakes at the 'Pannekoekenbakker Zuidland' is always a lot of fun and to make this trip even more fun, VCS placed a small playstructure in Zuidland. In the end of November 2013, Pannekoekenbakker opened the doors of her new addition called 'Lunapark'. Besides the little pancake stall and the outside playground, 'Lunapark' is a nice addition where children can have a lot of fun. The playstructure is small, but a challenge for kids with turning doors, horizontal rollers, snakes en punching bags!

Bij de Neut

Eight years ago Willem Neutkens en Bart Theuws opened their good running restaurant Express-Zo in Westerhoven. Now eight years later Willem and Bart are getting into a new adventure: a restaurant and indoor playground called 'Bij de Neut'. In 1952 Willem's granddfather Willy Neutkens started a shop in household products together with his wife Corrie Neutkens-van Beers. Now Willem and Bart are renovating the building to transform it into a restaurant and indoor playground together with our Dutch partner VCS.  

Children till twelve years old can enjoy the indoor playground while their parents enjoy their dinner in the restaurant. The playground includes a lot of different attractions, by example a toddler area, slides, powertower and an area with building blocks! Bij de Neu now is a great place to go together with the family. 

De Oude Maas

In 1998 'De Oude Maas' opened the doors of their pancake restaurant. Now 16 years later they decided to open an indoor playground next to their restaurant. Opening an indoor playground was a dream come true and 'de Oude Maas' hopes that their customers are happy with this 'extra' activity. 

The playground is provided with a play structure and a toddler area where children can play all day long. Children can play in the playground when they are visiting the restaurant but also when you're not visiting the restaurant children can join the playground.

The playstructure offers a wide range of playevents, a powertower, slides, donut glider, trampolines, ball pool and soft play materials. The playground is a big challenge for children from zero to twelve years old.