Ball Pool Cleaning

You placed a ball pool into your playground and/or kidscorner, but ball pools are a great sport for bacteria to multiple. To keep your hygiene level high, it's important that you will clean your ball pool on a regular basis. U can use our ball pool cleaning service. During the cleaning of your playground we will get through different steps to make sure your ball pool area is cleaned well. Watch our movie or read below all the steps our employees goes through to make you ball pool completely clean. Please be aware that we can't offer this activity everywhere in the world. Please get in contact with us to check if we can support you at your country. 

Get in contact!

If you want to have your ball pool cleaned, you can contact our head office to check the possibilities. One of our employees will visit you on a short term to clean your ball pool. Do you want to clean your ball pool on a regular basis? Together we can check the possibilities.
Our employee will arrive at your location and will get all the necessary equipment out of the car. To clean you ball pool we’re using an especially designed machine. When arriving, our employee will put the machine together and will start cleaning your ball pool.
Our employee will start with cleaning the balls from your ball pool. Our cleaning machine will be filled with water and a special disinfectant to make sure that all the bacteria are killed. The machine vacuums the balls from your ball pool. Inside our machine there are brushes which can clean the ball pool balls. After cleaning the balls will be put into nets and will be put away for drying.
Also the floor of the ballpool needs to be cleaned. Our employee will vacuum the space of the ball pool and mop it with a special disinfectant so the bacteria on the floor will die.
After cleaning the entire ball pool and when the balls have dried, our employee will put the balls back in the ball pool. After filling the ball pool he will check your structure to see if everything is ok, when necessary he can make some small reparations.
After cleaning the ball pool our employee will fill in your logbook and you can always see when you cleaned the ball pool for the last time. You will also receive a certificate to show that your ball pool is according to hygiene norms.